Deliver your content to tablets, notebooks, smartphones, ebook readers or desktop computers
Digital Edions of your printing projects mean that your content will be delivered to all popular new media like tablets, notebooks, smartphones, ebook readers or desktop computers. At modest additional cost your catalogs, magazines, books or any other print matterial can be reached from all modern digital devices. Even more: you can monetize your content selling your digital edition or ebook through App Store on iPad and iPhone, GooglePlay on Android Devices, Windows Store or Amazon AppStore. Classic Design can do all of this using your already made PDF print publication files, addig to them unlimited interactivity. As a sample you can get familiar with our advertising brochure in its Digital Edition. Just click the cover on left and you can see it on your desktop, smartphone or tablet.
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Classic Design is a highly dynamic and fast growing company which offers professional pre-press, offset and digital printing. We specialize in designing and printing of posters, leaflets, catalogues, books, magazines….


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